Belly Dance DVD
Study from home with  Maryem  Bent Anis

Learn the Art of Oriental Dance with me!

Learn to dance to Egyptian classical music, twirling with the veil!

With this DVD Maryem will teach you her oriental dance learning technique e  sequence after sequence, a sensual and at the same time dynamic and joyful choreography.

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Dvd Danza del Ventre, Videocorso danza Orientale, Maryem Bent Anis, Lezioni on-line
To know!
This video course di Belly Dance
is designed for one level INTERMEDIATE
but it contains one
which prepares for the next lessons!
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The video is divided into four lessons:

1) Oriental preparation

with warm-up and melting exercises, great for daily training.

2) Learn the Technique

with an explanation of 18 movements of both basic and intermediate level of oriental dance

3) Learn to dance

all the sequences of the choreography to be followed step by step Choreography - the complete execution to follow

4) VIDEOCLIP - with a special performance by Maryem!


Duration: about 60 minutes

Buy the Limited Offer DVD NOW!

The method of teaching  and the idea of the technical division of the Lessons
it was created directly by  Maryem who worked personally  with her videomaker for the realization of the DVD!
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