Maryem Bent Anis


Italian-Tunisian (of an Italian father and a Tunisian mother), she learned the dance of the Arab world as a child, traditionally handed down from mother to daughter.
Through this direct family contact, he naturally learns the basis of rhythm and typical Arab body expression. After experiences in ballet, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, at the age of sixteen he came into contact for the first time with the world of entertainment, thanks to his parents, creators of the famous Arab restaurant Taus, which since 1995 has hosted the first groups music of the genre in Rome and the first Italian and Arab professional dancers. This moment marked a great change and a decisive interest in the sphere of entertainment and art.
Personal study and training alternate with various trips to Tunisia, to local schools, to learn dance.


In Rome he deepens the Egyptian folklore and specializes in stick dance with the master Esmat Osman of the Academy of Alexandria in Egypt, with whom numerous projects of collaboration and study of dance were born, especially from the historical-cultural point of view. Master Esmat's teaching will always remain in his memories and will always be a point of reference.

In 1999 he founded the school of the Taus Club, which wants to be a center for the dissemination of culture, dance, Arab music in Rome and attached to the center creates the first site on belly dance in Italy, the Taus Club On-Line, which will be the reference point for many dancers as an exchange of opinions, news and cultural information.
Since the foundation of the school, numerous collaborations have begun with artists and teachers of great potential both nationally and internationally renowned. The collaboration will give her the opportunity to establish intense friendships even outside the working field and all this has been able to give her the opportunity to grow both artistically and internally.
Since 2002 he begins his collaboration with the teacher Sandy D'Alì with whom he deepens various aspects of classical oriental dance.
He approaches ghawazee and shaabi dances with teacher Aisha Ali from Los Angeles. He continues to study and perfect the Egyptian sharki dance, the stick and the baladi with the master Zaza Hassan of the Center Artistique de Paris, a guest in Rome for the first time through Maryem.


My life is Art ...

Travels to Egypt begin which will give her the opportunity to perfect all styles and will bring her closer to the typically Egyptian style, giving greater emphasis above all to bodily expressiveness. And from there the meeting with Raqia Hassan , the famous choreographer from Cairo and founder of the Raks Sharki International Festival “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” . The meeting with Raqia will mark a great artistic change and will give her the opportunity to explore new ways of interpreting dance, especially towards the so-called “modern” style.

The study of oriental dance continues with numerous masters including Soraya Zaied, Randa Kamel, Dina, Asmahan, Dr Mo Geddawi, Yousry Sharif, Mayodi, Kamellia, Djamila Henni-Chebra, Nour, Mona Said, Dandash.

In the meantime, Maryem continues over time the study of Arab rhythms and the continuous improvement of their execution in oriental dance, for which she thanks the precious advice of the percussion master Issa Salem , a Lebanese musician.

Since 2009 she has been studying and deepening the innovative technique of Jillina , the famous American artist, creator of Bellydance Evolution, and former choreographer of the BellyDance Superstars.
Since 2013 he has collaborated with the Egyptian masters Saad Ismail (representative in Italy of the Reda Troupe ) and Hosam Elmansy (principal dancer of the Reda Troupe in Egypt) for the deepening of the Egyptian folk style.
Over the years Maryem has consolidated her reputation not only as a teacher and trainer of dancers, but also as an organizer and is currently one of the most important promoters of events dedicated to oriental dance in Italy.


Dancing in Cairo ...

In 2014 she obtained the award from the Sport and Culture Department of Rome for the best event dedicated to Oriental Dance , for the ninth edition of the MARHABA ROME FESTIVAL , a famous event that gathers hundreds of oriental dancers from all over the world.

In 2015 he directed the first EXPO BELLY DANCE within the fabulous setting of EXPO D'ORIENTE directed by Liberato Mirenna, with great success he brought 300 oriental dancers to the stage.

Also in 2015 she was called by RAI 1 TV twice to represent oriental dance as a form of psycho-physical well-being, for the news broadcasts BUONGIORNO BENESSERE conducted by Vira Carbone and EFFETTO ESTATE conducted by Rita Forte, Alessandro Greco, Benedetta Rinaldi.

On 15 July 2015 he received the INTERNATIONAL MEDITERRANEAN AWARD for oriental dance from Federitalia and Mediterraneos Production, conceived by Elena Presti and Gianni Gandi.


In December 2015 he collaborates with the UIKT (Italian Traditional Kung Fu Union) for the presentation of Oriental Dance and Folklore within oriental events such as "Christmas of the East".

Maryem is also the most requested artist of the capital for opening fashion shows and gala events.

There are numerous trips abroad as an international star for high-level workshops and shows. Maryem is present in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, France, Holland, Spain and all of Italy.


In 2017 Mariem is a Middle Eastern dancer from DUBAI and directs the fabulous and creative CINE BELLYDANCE event for ORIENTE EXPERIENCE at CINECITTA 'WORLD, organized by UIKT and OPES.


The woman to whom I owe all this

Mia mom Samira ...


Art Director of Marhaba! International Belly Dance Festival Rome
Art Director of the Taus Club, Oriental Dance Academy Rome
Since 2006 Teacher of the Cairo festival "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" by Raqia Hassan
Since 2006 MIDAS certified teacher - FIDS technician
Since 2011 he has collaborated with the world-famous American choreographer Jillina for the Bellydance Evolution project in Rome.


Among the show experiences Maryem is a guest of the following television broadcasts:

RAI 1 "Uno Mattina" - 2001
RAI 2 "Affari Vostri" - 2001
RAI 3 "Alle Falde del Kilimaniaro" - 2001
CHANNEL 5 "There is Mail for You" - 2001
CHANNEL 5 "Maurizio Costanzo Show" - 2008
RAI 1 "Affari Tuoi" - 2010
BABEL TV-SKY "BabZine" - 2011
TG1 - TG2 - TG3 - RAI MED
RAI 1 - Good morning Wellness - 2015
RAI 1 - Summer Effect - 2015


With Superstar Choreographer Jillina from the USA


Further important professional experiences have been with the embassy of Tunisia, the embassy of Egypt, the embassy of Kuwait, the embassy of Qatar.
In 2005 she danced at the theater of the muses with Soraya, one of the most famous dancers currently existing in Cairo, in the "Egyptian Stars" event and subsequently organized the show "Harem Soirèe" in the same theater, an experimental show of oriental dance with all the students of the his school. On 16,17,18 September of the same year he had the great honor of inviting Horacio and Beata Cifuentes of the Tanzstudio Halensee in Berlin to Rome, for the “Oriental Fantasy” event, the only one of its kind in Italy.
In 2006 he obtained the diploma of recognition and qualification for teaching in Egypt, qualified by Raqia Hassan and the Cairo festival; on March 4th and 5th he organizes the “Cairo Stars” event with guests of honor the same Raqia Hassan and Alaa El Din Youssef.
Also in 2006 a secret dream came true, the realization of a show that combines the magical flavor of the tales of the thousand and one nights, the Arab tradition and the art of oriental dance.
On May 13, 2006, the premiere of “Hammam, an oriental fable” was staged, conceived together with Shahinaz, with whom he collaborates for the promotion of cultural projects on oriental dance.
In June 2006 Maryem was invited to dance and teach Tunisian folklore at the Cairo Festival “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” as a representative of her country of origin.
In 2007 she was invited to dance and teach in Brazil for a whole month at the school of Nadja El Balady, in Rio De Janeiro, Niteroi and Petropolis.
In 2011 he is a guest of Jillina in Rome, for the opening of her wonderful show "Immortal Desire", of the Belly Dance Evolution project.
In 2013 he traveled to Buenos Aires and Patagonia (Argentina) together with his colleague Shahinaz for the Encuentro Patagónico de Danzas Árabes organized by Angeles and Corel Cayunao.
In the same year he was a guest in Poland as an international star for the Euro Raks event organized by Suraiya Ibrahim; in Rome he is the protagonist together with Shahinaz of the "Marhaba Cairo Stars" event in Rome with guests of honor such as Saad Ismail and Hosam Elmansy.
In 2014 she was a guest in Cairo as a teacher and dancer for Raqia Hassan's Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival.
Among the important events can not miss the 10 hilarious editions of the Marhaba Rome Festival of which he is the art director and for which he has created great successful shows.

Maryem is also the most requested oriental dancer in the capital for the opening of the Roman jet set IN fashion shows, some of the fashion events she dances for:
ROME FASHION, 2 August 2014, Tiber Island
LIBERATION by Zina Couture, December 18, 2014, Palazzo Ferraioli
ALTAROMA, January 30, 2015, Hotel Majestic
ELEGANCE WORLD International Award City of Rome, 2 July 2015, Central Theater


His teaching is based on the gradual learning of oriental dance, on the correction of posture and softness in the execution of a dance. Particular attention is paid to the rhythm and natural use of the hips and pelvis; Maryem's lessons become not only a moment of learning of this splendid discipline, but also an opportunity for dedication to one's psycho-physical well-being, thanks to the relaxing properties of Arabic music and its hypnotic rhythms.
The teaching specialties are classical oriental dance, tarab, veil, stick dance, sword dance, tambourine dance, candlestick dance, sagat dance, egyptian pop, baladi, khaliji, melaya, Tunisian folklore, tribal dance , percussion.

Currently Maryem writes articles on oriental dance, teaches in Rome, conducts workshops throughout Italy and abroad, choreographic workshops for the learning of styles and for the training of professional dancers and neo-teachers of oriental dance.