Maryem Bent Anis

Bio Short
A charming Middle Eastern Mediterranean mix for this moon-skinned dancer, italian and Tunisian blood ...

... that  brings a message of femininity and energy around the world, through the ancestral art of oriental dance.

Maryem is the founder of the ARAB DANCE ACADEMY TAUS in Rome since 1999.

-Since 2006 she is the artistic director of the Italian oriental dance event Marhaba Rome Festival - International Bellydance.

-Since 2006 she is Master Teacher and performer of the first International Oriental Dance Festival in Cairo Ahlan Wa Sahlan, directed by the world-famous Egyptian choreographer Raqia Hassan since 2006.

-Since 2010  Maryem has been collaborating with the world famous American choreographer Jillina for the Bellydance Evolution Roma project .

Starting from the ARAB DANCE ACADEMY TAUS, opening, Maryem has been the promoter in Italy of the greatest masters in the world of oriental dance.

-In 2014 she obtained the award from the Sport and Culture Department of Rome for the best event dedicated to Oriental Dance.
-In 2015 he directed the first EXPO BELLY DANCE within the fabulous setting of EXPO D'ORIENTE.
-Also in 2015 it was called by RAI 1 TV to represent oriental dance as a form of psycho-physical well-being, for the news broadcasts BUONGIORNO BENESSERE conducted by Vira Carbone and EFFETTO ESTATE conducted by Rita Forte, Alessandro Greco, Benedetta Rinaldi.
-On 15 July 2015 she received the INTERNATIONAL MEDITERRANEAN AWARD for oriental dance from Federitalia and Mediterraneos Production.

-In 2017 she dances in Dubai, Valencia and she is nominated artistic director of Belly Dance for "Oriente Experience" at Cinecittà World, where she brings oriental dance for the first time.

-In 2018 she brings oriental dance for the first time to Rome's Campidoglio, in Protomoteca Room with the Iraqi Master Teacher Assala Ibrahim, in collaboration with the art dealer Annamaria Brazzò.

-In 2018 and 2019 she is the art director of Midas Oriental Dance Congress and of  Marhaba Rome Festival-International Bellydance with Jillina from the USA, Saida from Argentina, and Kapua from Polynesia.

-Always in 2019 she is a teacher, performer and competition judge in Moscow (Russia) for the world event Cairo Mirage by Katia Eshta.

-In this period you intensify the activity for the F.I.D.S. (Italian Federation of Sports Dance recognized by CONI) for which she was responsible for discipline and speaker at the official Congresses and for  M.I.D.A.S. (Italian Masters of Sports Dance) of which she is nominated as the National Technical Commission.

- Maryem is also the most requested artist of the capital for opening fashion shows and gala events, weddings, zaffa.



  • Journalist

  • Maestra Federale, 2nd level Sport Dance Technician F.I.D.S. (Italian Federation of Sports Dance recognized by CONI) and M.I.D.A.S. (Italian Masters of Sports Dance).

  • Art Director of   Marhaba Rome Festival - International Bellydance

  • Art Director of   Arab Dance Academy  TAUS of Rome and Castelli Romani

  • Art Director Cine Bellydance for Cinecittà World

  • Art Director MIDAS Oriental Dance Congress

  • Art Director Expo Bellydance and Bellydance TV Stars

  • Art Director and Creator of Zaffa Crew drummers "Maboruk"

  • Creator of the Marhaba Academy

  • Since 2006 Teacher of the Cairo festival "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" by Raqia Hassan

  • Since 2011 she has collaborated with the world-famous American choreographer Jillina for the Bellydance Evolution project in Rome.

  • Since 2018 she is part of Oriental Dance national technical commission M.I.D.A.S. (Italian Masters of Sports Dance).

  • From 2018 to 2020 she was the head of the Oriental Dance discipline for F.I.D.S. (Italian Federation of Sports Dance recognized by CONI)

  • Speaker for the Federal School and Oriental Dance F.I.D.S.

  • Oriental dance teacher trainer

  • Sport Dance trainer and coach of high level competitive dancers

  • Her students are 2022  Champions for Oriental Dance and Oriental Folk




  • RAI 1 "Uno Mattina" - 2001

  • RAI 2 "Affari Vostri" - 2001

  • RAI 3 "Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro" - 2001

  • CANALE 5 "C'è Posta per Te" - 2001

  • CANALE 5 "Maurizio Costanzo Show" - 2008

  • RAI 1 "Affari Tuoi" - 2000

  • BABEL TV-SKY "BabZine" - 2011

  • TG1 - TG2 - TG3 - RAI MED

  • RAI 1 - Buongiorno Benessere - 2015

  • RAI 1 - Effetto Estate - 2015




Maryem walked the stages of the theaters of Rome:

  • Auditorium Parco della Musica - Sala Santa Cecilia

  • Teatro Orione 

  • Teatro Italia 

  • Teatro Roma 

  • Teatro del Massimo

  • Teatro Roma Eventi

  • Teatro Tendastrisce

  • Teatro Viganò

  • Teatro delle Muse

  • Teatro San Paolo 

  • Teatro Gianelli

  • Teatro Capocroce

She teaches in Rome and Castelli Romani and has lead intensive workshops throughout Italy and danced in Egypt, Tunisia, Brazil, Argentina, France, Poland, Holland, Spain, United Arab Emirates.

My life is Art ...

One of my several appearances at RAI 1 with Oriental Dance

The Journey is makes the artist more alive ...

Maryem dances in Dubai - 2017